Discord Announcements

LucyIsabelle (22-10-2021 GMT+0)

@everyone It seems that some people have been affected by the exploits, phishing attempts and malware going around. NEVER click and download any files that are sent to you via DM unless you can 100% confirm the person. Even if they are your friend, what they do is they steal one account and then send the DM's to people that trust them and they don't second guess it. Anything online, ALWAYS second guess it, watch out for the way they type, confirm who they are, if they are truly your friend have them find another method of contacting you along side discord if it's a file they truly want to show you. They aren't just stealing discord accounts currently, they are installing malware such as Keyloggers, RATs (Remote Access Trojans), Session hijacking software. All this can steal account information, log you into already logged in accounts, control your drivers. The filetypes to watch out for are .exe, .zip, .rar, .7z or file types like that. Images will most likely be safe. Please be VERY careful before downloading anything. If you are DM'd by someone in this discord about file downloads and you don't know them, report it to an admin, SJ or myself immediately and I will ban them.

Sarah Jane (21-10-2021 GMT+0)

HEY @everyone! Reaction to the full EndWalker trailer is here!! 1 MONTH TO GO! to help with the algorithm pretty please like and watch all the way through! love u guys https://youtu.be/EPo_1L48-HU

Sarah Jane (17-10-2021 GMT+0)

hey @everyone I hope you're all having an amazing weekend ❤️ I'm going to take the night off stream tonight because I'm not feeling the best, need to just take some more time for myself. But if I'm feeling up for it tomorrow I'll stream tomorrow instead. I'll be seeing my GP on Tuesday so I'm excited to talk to a professional with how I've been feeling to get some clarity soon. Just want to feel like myself again, so I can have the energy for streams like I used to. Love you guys so much and will keep you all updated tomorrow Honestly words aren't enough to say how much I do love you guys. thank you for everything, you're all so amazing ❤️

Sarah Jane (14-10-2021 GMT+0)

@everyone I'll be live at http://twitch.tv/streamcoachtv in an hour (8PM AEDT)! I will be interviewing Bus and asking him how he started his content creation journey and how he balances being a prof player as well! https://twitter.com/SarahJaneAFK/status/1448558015162896385?s=20